High quality sandwich panels.
Our panels are carefully plastic skinned and wrapped that prevent the scratch and edge damage.

50mm @$30/m²

A1). Length 2100mm*Width 1170mm*Thickness 50mm,             $74/sheet 

A2). L2400mm*W1170mm*T50mm,                                 $85/sheet,

A3). L2700mm*W1170mm*T50mm,                                 $95/sheet,

A4). L3000mm*W1170mm*T50mm,                                 $106/sheet,

A5). L3600mm*W1170mm*T50mm,                                 $127/sheet,

A6). L4200mm*W1170mm*T50mm,                                 $148/sheet,

A7). L4800mm*W1170mm*T50mm,                                 $170/sheet,

A8). L6000mm*W1170mm*T50mm,                                 $212/sheet,

75mm @$34/m²
B1). L2100mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $84/sheet, 

B2). L2400mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $96/sheet,

B3). L2700mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $108/sheet,

B4). L3000mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $120/sheet,

B5). L3600mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $144/sheet,

B6). L4200mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $168/sheet,
B7). L4800mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $191/sheet,

B8). L6000mm*W1170mm*T75mm,                                 $240/sheet

100mm @$37/m²
C1). L2400mm*W1170mm*T100mm,                                $104/sheet, 

C2). L2700mm*W1170mm*T100mm,                                $117/sheet,

C3). L3000mm*W1170mm*T100mm.                                $130/sheet.

C4). L3600mm*W1170mm*T100mm.                                $156/sheet.

75mm Trimdeck Roof panels @$45/m²
D1). L2700mm*W1040mm*T75mm,                                 $127/sheet, 
D2). L3000mm*W1040mm*T75mm,                                 $141/sheet, 
D3). L3600mm*W1040mm*T75mm,                                 $169/sheet, 
D4). L4200mm*W1040mm*T75mm,                                 $197/sheet.
D5). L4800mm*W1040mm*T75mm,                                 $225/sheet.

D6). L6000mm*W1040mm*T75mm,                                 $338/sheet

A completed Steel Door (2040mm*840mm*50mm) with handler, locker, door frame for office, cleanroom -- @$300/each.

Brand new sliding windows: H1200mm*W1100mm with fly screen:

Aluminum [email protected]$250, PVC [email protected]$150.

We sell wide range of aluminum accessories.(C/H-channels, Angles, Round corners, Covings, T-sections, Door frames, Hinges, Rivets ...).

We also supply panels made to size for bulk order(50+ sheets).